$2,000 Temporary Chef Wanted For Charter Sailing Yacht In The Virgin Islands!

$2,000 Temporary Chef Wanted For Charter Sailing Yacht In The Virgin Islands!

Compensation: $2,000 Plus, all meals, living expenses, room, board and $300 for airfare

Chef Wanted For Our Charter Sailing Yacht Cruising The Virgin Islands!

We are a small family run business, just me, my husband and my brother in law. We are seeking another female to help out on the boat for the last 2 charters of our season.

Location: St Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Arrival Date: Must arrive no later than June 11, 2014.
Departure Date: You can stay longer if you like, but our charters end on July 2nd.
Pay: $2,000 Plus, all meals, living expenses, room, board and $300 for airfare

You will live with us on our 63' multi-hull sailing yacht. We have a charter business that includes this boat that sleeps up to 12 guests plus crew members. We take groups and families on 7 day sailing vacations touring them all around the Virgin Islands. One of these charters is a family and the other is a big graduation party with friends and family.

Our charters are all inclusive. This "All Inclusive" part is why you are needed, lol... we provide all guests with 3 meals each day, plus all snacks, appetizers and deserts & mixed drinks, plus we clean their sleeping cabins and bathrooms each day.

We will send you complete details about our business and send you a photo of the floor plan of the boat so you can see the crew quarters accommodations you will have, if interested.

We are seeking an attractive female that is a hard worker, and preferably has chef experience that can help with all the cooking, cleaning and hostessing.

While age is not important, we do find that those under 25 usually don't have the experience we'd like, and those over 45 usually don't have the energy to keep up with the demands that are required when we are on charter, so therefore we find that this age range works best. We will certainly consider someone outside this age range but you will be expected to be as responsible and stable and be able to keep up with the work demands of someone in this age range.

If you are not a chef, you must at least have good kitchen cooking skills.

Clarification about "Attractive" = You don't have to be a "Super-Model" but we do like to have a good looking crew that is height & weight proportionate. And you cannot be overweight and working on a sailboat because your duties will require that you move all about the boat and living in cramped quarters and making beds in smaller than normal spaces. So for those reasons, you must be physically fit, petite and not overweight or you'll never be able to handle the job.

We will provide work uniforms which are very professional, so you must fit a size 0, 2, 4 or 6 at the largest.

We pay for and provide all living expenses, meals laundry for uniforms and any cabin you'd like to live in on the boat when we are NOT on charter. And when we are on charter, then in addition to room & board, you will have your own small crew quarters cabin and receive an equal share in the gratuities paid by the charter guest which we guarantee your share to average at least $1,000 per charter. We will provide you with $50 per week spending money when we are off charter.

Please, No Alcoholics, no crazies, no drama queens, no druggies, no smokers and no excess baggage.

If you believe you're perfect for this position, then email us a couple recent photos with a resume' or basic explanation of your experience and why you would be perfect to live with us on our boat.

If you are qualified then we will reply to your email with more complete details and a link to our very detailed website with our profiles and photos of us and the boat. We will request for a Skype interview.

If after working these 2 charters with us, we all like each other, then we will invite you to return in October to work work on all our charters for next season from October 2014 - June 2015. Also, after we complete these 2 upcoming charters in June, we will be island-hopping and sailing our way down the island chain to Trinidad and Tobago, so you would be welcome to join us on that adventure too if you like. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Hi Leigh Ann,

I have sent you an e-mail introduction with my CV and relevant experience to visacharters@g*** 

Thank you,


HEllo, I am a qualified MALE chef, Currently working as RAW VEGAN CHEF.

Would love to join you for that time.

I'm a French trained chef...let me know if my experience would be helpful:)

Hi! I am also a RAW vegan, I am not cualified as a chefs but I could perhaps
I could perhaps help Donatas

HEllo Maria De Valencia, glad to meet people enjoying raw foods :)

Would love to ask about your possible help :)

Thank you so much

Hello Jaymie,

I have replied to you by email and have not heard back from you.  Hope to hear from you. :)

Jaymie Braun said:

Hi Leigh Ann,

I have sent you an e-mail introduction with my CV and relevant experience to visacharters@g*** 

Thank you,


Hello Donatas and Jordan,

Thank you very much for your interest, and I'm sure you are both excellently qualified, however since we already have 2 males running the boat, and one female, me, in the galley, I like to try to keep a little "balance" on the ship by bringing another female into the galley so I am not surrounded on a boat filled with guys.  Thank you for understanding. :)

Good luck,

Leigh :)

Hi Leigh,
I fit what you are looking for except I am not a trained chef. But I love to cook. Can I email you my info and pics? I'm new to this site and haven't really created a profile yet.

Thank you Leala,  I received your email and appreciate it very much.  I will reply on Monday.

All the best,

Leigh :)

Leigh Ann thank you for messaging me about this position. I would love to do this but I do not meet your appearance requirements. Thank you, Elizabeth

Thank you Elizabeth, I know what you mean, I barely meet the requirements too, but thank goodness I'm owner of the boat so they can't fire me, lol ;)

You sure sound cool and knowledgeable so if you are ever in my area, please reach out to me and come aboard for a frozen drink!

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