First hover the pointer over the correct tab, the ‘crew wanted’ tab for crew and ‘skippers wanted’ for skippers

Click on submit new advert.

Discussion Title:
Florida to Caribbean (if you do not have a final destination just enter the area you are heading)

links, images and video. Use these tabs to add media to your advert. We think photos always help.

Above the post box you can also find the ‘Visual Mode’ and ‘HTML Editor’ tabs, if you know what HTML is all about go for it, if not just leave it in Visual Mode.

This is where your advert goes. Here is an example to help you get started. There is also a checklist below. You can do all the normal formatting here, font, size, etc.

I am looking for a skipper to deliver my yacht form Florida to the Caribbean setting off mid October 2013. Well-equipped 44 ft. cutter, modern gear and electronics, water maker, freezer, etc.Looking for non-smokers and references. You can also add a link. Click here to add a new Skipper wanted advert.

To add a link, just write your text as normal, then highlight the text you wish to make clickable (normally the website name or word like 'here') and then click the blue link button above. Copy and paste you website into the link URL, be sure it has http:// before www.

When adding the image I used the settings below:
Layout: Left
Padding: 0 pixels
Link: This will be filled in automatically
Image size: 200 pixels

Checklist for posting a new advert:
When (setting off and arrival)
Information about yourself and the yacht/motor boat
Willing to take novices?

We do not restrict you posting your email address, but don’t advise putting on here for everyone to see. Replies will be sent to you via the email address on your Stowaway account.

This will be completed automatically when you enter a discussion title, no need to worry about this.

Tags are short descriptions that let you and other people find your discussions. Separate tags with commas.

You can double check your advert is going to be posted in the right section, us the drop down menu to change the destination if it is incorrect.

Click Add Discussion

Job well done.

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