I'm looking for various opportunities to try the cruising life.  Recently retired, commercial real estate executive is tired of the office, cell phone and constant wifi connection. 

Had initially planned to launch  with a friend but his plans seemed to have changed.  His dream, however, became my dream and my vision was set.  Now, I plan to hit the seas and explore other cultures without him.

We only live once, right?  It is time to find something new and break out in a big way.

I'm an attractive, athletic woman standing 5' 8" and weighing in at around 48lbs.  I'm fit, lean and relatively strong for a woman.  I'm turning 53 soon but have been told that I look great for my age.  I even got hit on by a 25 year old last week. 

I'm a beginner sailor, only been sailing for about a year now. I still have a lot to learn.  I am enthusiastic and mentally and physically able.  I'm a decent cook and generally pretty good company.

If you are interested in learning more about me, please ask.

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Also recently retired , Hoping to spend a month or so sailing the islands in the Bahamas ,\

Not rich, can provide boat and company,,, maybe a month or two , island hopping, relaxing .

Then might look for part time work to keep busy,

Sailing from the Annapolis Md area to the Bahamas, maybe Puerto Rico, have extended family there to visit ,, need crew of 2 plus self for offshore sailing ,,

My dream !!!

Capt Rick

What's this go fund me link ?? 

Hey , somebody willing to fund my trip,, I'm all ears

Hi Captain Rick.

I have no idea about the gofundme scam thing...

I am on a boat leaving Berkeley on 10/1 headed to Mexico for a few months. Then I will be in Florida looking for crusing opportunities.

I'm not rich either. May need to return to work somewhere sometime. Not sure yet.

Can we stay in touch? Maybe we could sail in 2017 sometime?
Suzanne the gofundme page is not a scam! I am trying to do something good. Thanks for you me ignorance.
..that was meant to read - thank you for YOUR ignorance.

Hi Suzanne,

You sound a lot like me, but it was and is my dream.  I've been on my own sailboat for the last year and headed to Mexico in November.  Looking for someone to do this with.  Send me a email if interested.

Hello suzanne.
I'll be leaving the florida keys late November or early December to go to central America on my morgan 41out island
Would you be interested in the adventure.....

Hi there, good to see you are on schedule and going for it. Sent you an email...might see you down here.

Ciao, Jerrid

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