Hi :) 

My name is Llorens, I'm from Spain. Ive been traveling with my girlfriend Julia (from Brasil) the last 12 months, we crossed a big part of southamerica hich hiking and volunterieng, always sharing and exchanging, now we are in Santa Marta (colombia) dreaming of a boat trip through the caribean islands. Our idea was to start in Colombia or Venezuela, get to Aruba or Trinidade y Tobago. And from there going all the way up to mexico, geting to know places like martinique, guadalupe, haiti, dominican rep., cuba, jamaica, all the caribean islands if possible (and we belive it is). 

We can:
Design (maybe you need some desing work to be done for your business)
Photograph (maybe you want a cool photo book of your boat trip)
Translate into Spanish, English and Portuguese. 
and many other things that you may need.

We are willing to help and be helped. Please Send us a mail if you know of someone doing some rute similar to ours, or if you have any usefull infromation for us.

thanks, big hugs! 

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I want to do the same with my boyfriend. How did you do?

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