crew wanted: 2015 - Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar, South Africa , 2016 Caribean

Sailing, Diving and island exploring on our fast and luxurious 50ft Catamaran:

Sail with us on our Catamarans to the worlds last unspoiled paradises. The catamaran is luxuriously equipped with freezer, fridge, water maker and warm water. On Bord we have a diving compressor and dive equipment as well as windsurf and surfequipement and a kayak free of charge for your disposal. We try to adopt our tourplan according to your wishes depending if you prefer sailing, relaxing or the other activities like diving or surfing. Please find further information on our site or send an email to mernstbrunner@h**********

You can share our lifestyle for a certain amount of time without financial risks involved in owning a boat. I have to ask my crew for a cost contribution which gets less the longer the crewmember stays. 

time- and routeplan Wild One 2015 / O****** 2016:

 second half of 2015 we discover the beautiful islands Rodriques, Mauritius and La Reunion and Madagascar and will round the Cape of Good Hope ending at Capetown. 2016 we cross the atlantic to the Caribean


16th of June to 15th of July 2015: Rodriques island:

We are expecting a fast and pleasant ocean crossing with the tradewinds from behind. The 2000miles should be covered in about two weeks. The rest of the month we spend at Rodriques Island which is close to Mauritius and a secret under cruisers. Locals are said to integrate the rare visitors into their island community. We plan diving and snorkeling  and hikes on the steep volcanic island.


16th of July to 15th of August 2015: Rodriques Island – Mauritius – La Reunion:

These 3 volcanic islands lie within a few hundred miles which leaves us sufficient time to explore them. La Reunion and Mauritius a reknown as world-class kite and surf spots. There are also nice island trials allowing to explore the steep volcanic islands by foot or mountainbike.


mid of August to end of August 2015: La Reunion to Madagascar / Nosy Be


end of August to end of September 2015– Madagascar


beginning to end of October: Madagascar to Capetown


Lookout 2016

Nov 2015: Visiting Home in Austria – boat remains in Capetown

Dec 2015: Atlanticcrossing from Capetown via St. Helena and Accension to the Caribean – Leewardislands - Tobago – 5500nm

Jan 2016: Sailing, Diving, island exploring Caribean - Leewardislands –Tobago, St Vincent and the Grenadines (Tobago Keys), St. Lucia, Martinique, Domenica

Feb  2016:  Sailing, Diving, island exploring Caribean - Windwardislands - Guadeloupe, Saba, British Virgin Islands, Domrep

March2016: Sailing, Diving, island exploring Turks and Caicos Islands, Bahamas

April 2016: Atlanticcrossing Bahamas via Bermudas to the Acores Islands- 2600nm

May 2016: Acores Islands – Sailing, Diving, island exploring  - Flores, Fajal, Pico, Sao Jorge, Terciera, Sao Miguel

June 2016: Acores via Gibraltar with stopovers at the portugeese and spanish Atlatic coast (Guincho, Tariffa, Tangir) into the med to Majorca

July 2016: Sailing, Diving, island exploring  Majorca, Sardinia, Pontine Islands, Ustica, Eole Islands to Greece.

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I am interested in joining one of your journies in 2016 November

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