Sailing the Hawaiian islands for most of 2017. Eventually continue towards the less visited parts of the Pacific. Less visited means no airport, infrequent supply ship visits and less than five visiting yachts per season.

Skipper has over 70,000 miles experience which includes a single handed circumnavigation (below Africa, Panama Canal) and two separate crossings of the South Pacific(2007 and 2012).

Boat specs, my sailing resume and past voyages can all be seen at If interested, you are welcome to couchsurf and check things out. My profile which includes references from people who have sailed with me is under "Jonas Collins". I don't drink alcohol.

I told myself years ago when I first went sailing that it was temporary and that I would reengage in the "real' world at some point. The longer I stayed out the harder it became to answer why I would return. Now, I have spent more time outside than in. I have inverted the entire relationship.... And instead of gaining a new perspective, I have fewer answers than ever. The best part is that it matters less and less.

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Well spoken. Fewer answers, maybe fewer questions, and maybe we all get to that point eventually. Just breathe. Would like to join you next year if you ever get in range of communication to inquire.

I am still in Hawaii and should be for the rest of 2017.

Hi Jonas, I am interested to learn more about your fall program in the Pacific. My wife and I will be interesting for a two week sailing trip. We both have experience and we owned a sailboat that is based on the Great Lake. Let me know if you are interested to know more.

Ok.. Fall is still a ways away. We will have to see how things develop.

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