Hello there!

i'm looking for crew from the florida keys to central america in december

it's on a share expenses kind of thing 

the boat is a morgan 41 out island 

would like to have about 3 or 4 person on board

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sounds good+ timng is good for me! please letme know what your policy is re: alcohol while underway. i will not sail with anyone who drinks alcohol while at sea - once you are anchored no problem, i have noted that many captains drink while driving so am sorry to ask upfront, it is important. thanks. miki
Hi did you get my reply to your question???
Hi Suyan,
Could you email me directly at definitelytara@g********? Love to find out more.


I will be in that area in December, how long are you planning to be in the Caribbean? 

Hi Ulises.
I realy don't have a return date at this time

hi suyan, i am good for early decmeber. intersted in joing in.

is there any more berth available.

about myself; exp sailor with enough boat and sea knowledge and all possible certification incl master capt lic.

would love to join in for fun journey

af8sail at g**** dot com


Hi Alex.
Yes there is still a Berth available.
Please email me at Dnlgrff@g********
For more info

Hi all,

I can possibly carve out a two week window in December. I'm a seaworthy sort of guy from Boston.

Have done some long distance trips.Lots of experience, but by no means a master sailor. 

But I do make some pretty damn good chow! And I am quite adept at fixing just about anything. 


You can email me on scott@homeworksenergy.com

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