Leaving approximately October 30 for Abaco, Bahamas. Begins with 500 nm (4 night) open ocean sail. Arrive northern-most islands in Abaco. Will explore islands and snorkel until November 22 when we will arrive in Marsh Harbor, Great Abaco Island. Boat is 2011 Elan Impression 444. It has proven itself in storms but is also a fast boat. It is fully equipped for cruising.

Crew must have experience sailing in the ocean, experience in heavy weather a plus (though I try to avoid it), and able to stand watch alone (trim sails, read/operate chartplotter, and have confidence in own skills).

This is a shared expense trip. We share marina fees, mooring fees, fuel cost and food aboard. Shared expenses will be about $25 US plus or minus a bit. You pay for own food ashore plus transportation to and from the boat.

I have sailed 16,000 nm including almost 4,000 nm as owner/skipper of this boat.

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Sorry, but I have no berths for December.

This cruise now has a full crew. Please do not reply to it.

October 4, 2016

Hi Marcus,

I sent you an email.  Would love to join you for part of this journey.  

I have LIMITED ocean experience but I have kept watch and I can cook. Can do whatever else needs doing with some direction. Hard worker.

Looking forward to hearing from you..

Tara  definitelytara@g********  919-824-2787

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