This is what we're going to do.

I will GIVE you my little ship the "Salvation"!

It is a good boat, needs work.

First you have to help us fix her up and then crew with us to New Zealand on a year long sailing voyage through the South Pacific.

This would represent a 2 (more or less) year commitment from the right person or people.

Once we get to The Bay of Islands, New Zealand and after say being there for 3 to six months the title of Captain and the documentation of the "Salvation" will be yours.

There will be stipulations to be sorted out and mutually agreed to.

But, basically you will have:
1) helped saved a Wooden Boat
2) Have learned about all the systems and on board procedures, navigation, sea-person-ship, boat handling from a seasoned waterman/craftsman
3) sailed the South Pacific seeing some of the most amazing places and peoples
4) then own a recently refitted and seaworthy cruising World Sailing Vessel.

Please Share this as an open offer...even as a open challenge!

This is not about money.

I recently turned a young man onto a boat that needed a good home and he started a NPO, created a web-site and a purpose...I didn't entirely agree with this...manipulation but, he was resourceful and enthusiastic.

This is a waterperson challenge, I want to hear a good story, a good mission statement and an Ocean skill set.

Again, please help me make this go...can I use the term "Viral" here???

Please share!

Many Thanks,


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All good questions. I might tell you that many of the answers you seek are already posted in my profile. I don't mind being challenged but, I feel like you are off base here and you don't don't get it. This is not a gift...I am not giving you the vessel. The person or people i choose will be working for it. From the yard to the water. They will be part of the solution and as such will know every strength and weakness we might have. As i've the profile, we will train. We'll know our gear and we'll know each other.

This is not just about money. If the person I select can solve problems by the use of some cash...fine and dandy but, they will also have to perform as a crew member on a day to day basis and tow the line. If they are totally broke and have the right attitude then I will share the work and income that I am good at generating and part of their assignment may in fact become working on other client vessels to help move the plot forward. In other words pooling resources over the duration of the experiment.

Do not think since I have a nice demeanor or an idealism that i am a weak leader or that I don't understand how to run a vessel. You suggest rather than crew,, it'll be crew. In meeting opinions will be welcomed, underway and it's comfortable questions can be aired but, when coming to anchor, maneuvering in close quarters, during any emergency at all there'll be one voice and one last word and that'll be mine...thank you. You can ask questions but, there is a way. I don't like the aggressive tone and demanding lecture I just received. I am busy...I am engaged, as I have said over these correspondences, I am working on other vessels and may not be able to respond as quick as I'd like to or as extensively. In a way, this response is probably not for you, Gerd but, as part of the whole conversation or larger discussion going on here about this. That is all I have time for today.

Do not for a moment think that I would pass you over due to the possibility that you may know more than I or be better than i in this or that way or in every way. Years of self employment, years of hiring up...I seek and have sought to engage people that are more and smarter and better but, I've still been the instigator, responsible party as such in a way. It has nothing to do with ego.

I thank you for your interest.

Gerd Fehlbaum said:

Dear Jerrid

In my opinion you instill a big dream in people reading your proposal. Including myself. Waiting for more specific, means also technical answers, I started to dig deeper in contents you left in the web. I am sure by now you are a kind person, you are concerned about nature, all that. I still can't come up with a picture of you as a sailor, a captain, a true seaman. Well, to be honest, I really am!

So, also in the name of other dreamers, may I question you deeper into the technical aspects of your very generous departure? I have more than enough experience to say, that crossing the Pacific in a sailing boat is as dangerous, as it has always been. The boat has to be overly sturdy, very well equiped and handled by very serious people, whatever their philosophy might be. It is good to be philosopher on shore, even in anchorage (except there is storm brewing), but once on this HUUUUGE journey, which STARTS with huge crossings (to either Galapagos, or Tahiti), you better are much more, than an idealist. You REALLY have to know the ropes! Well, I do! Do you too? In what state is "Salvation" as of NOW? It is on the hard, right? Is there timber work to be done on the hull? Are planks to be replaced? Do you have wood, to fix? Do you know how? Or do you expect this from your future crew, or better say, partner? Since, partners we will become by the nature of your proposal.

Then: Autopilot. Yo need a REALLY GOOD autopilot for such a trip. And at least one spare. Hand steering to Tahiti can ruin a lot. How is the rudder? This is the wors failure and the second gravest after a h*** in the hull. Electronics are quite simple. I take my own 2 GPS with me and my laptop with all the sea charts of the world. Radar is not very important. There will be no fog.

But other stuff: How are the sails? Can you easily reef them down to a quarter size? I mean EASY..., so that when you are hit by a 50 knot squall at three in the morning, you have no problem binding in the reef. Have you storm fore sails? The Pacific, along the tropical belt, is full of nightly HAMMER squalls. Micro storms out of nowhere.I know what I talk about! I have been in countless of them in many years of sailing the North, Central and South Pacific. This is serious stuff, man! Its not about ideology and philosophy then, its about being prepared for the most dangerous environment there is, where you gonna have to stay alive for months at a time. What is your safety equipment? I would like to hear about such things. Having your own boat after 2 years means a lotof "wood to cut", until one is there. I know New Zealand very well. I have done the passage between the tropics andf NZ four times. Three times I was in a gale. Not a storm. I know what stoms are. I have been in ONE... So all the "rest", including three times "brushed" by cyclones, were just gales. 

Have you been in a storm yet, Jerrid? In this boat "Salvation"? There will be storms, guaranteed! Since, when you plan to cross the Pacific in ONE YEAR, you are on the fast lane. This means, you cant be too picky with the weather you choose. You need to be extremly well seasoned to LEAVE in a gale. I hate it, but I have done so.

Dont forget, the Pacific is half the world. So I gonna do half a world circum-navigation with you as my captain. I can send you plenty references about how I function on sea. I am known a ultimately carefull. My crew included my own kids for many years. You want to do that with your own kids, right? Brave, I say. So I hope, this will make you consider all the safety issues extremly carefully. There is no cutting any corners, once you are out of reach of internet. I love the ocean for this! I love the ocean, because the challenge, to prove, how strong, wise, clever and bold you are. What I truly hate, are this countless stories I heard in the 45 years I have been in the sailing world, about dreamers, taking off to distant shores, not taking their dreams serious enough, to make them come true. I sometimes tell my crew, dont spoil the DREAM.... of also OTHERS! On our fragile sailor shoulders rest the dreams of many millions, who would love to do, what we are DOING. So, get the f*** serious, I sometimes bark at still sleepy dreamers. Wake UP! This is REALITY!

So, please get MUCH more specific, Jerrid! You propose a bold dream to us, begging you, to come along. We need to know facts! Then we need to PLAN. We need to talk about money. Do we have to pay our own food, etc. We need to LEARN! It takes a weekend, to know 50% of sailing skills, a year, to come up with 90% and when you continue thrugh your whole remaoining life, you get to 98%. At best!

See me as one of them! And get real, so that I can come up with a concrete picture, of what I am letting myself into. Are we going to DO this? Or is it something, which would be great, if it could happen...?

Its not the same!

Be greeted by a down to the bottom realist, when it comes to ocean sailing - and idealist and philosopher, once I am in harbor

Gerd Fehlbaum 

I've been engaged to skipper and maintain a high tech vessel. Aboard we have some few warranty issues and details to be worked out and resolved. These 2 fellows came down from the States to honor a warranty. They got through their work in short order, anticipated obstacles were few. While there they were real partners in solutions and contributed to several solutions...certainly, above and beyond. They were a pleasure to work with and spend time.

The shipyard owner here at the Talleres Navales Bercovich was so cool and threw a ponga in the water for them and I piloted them around the harbour. Coming across a rey then this whale shark. We got in the water with it. These guys were so absolutely stoked with an experience they'll carry for life.

It is in these moments that I see a path as a host, to pilot people through an experience, making a connection with an environment so isn't just a green catch phrase "save the environment, oceans or sealife" it becomes more than that. Save a friend in need...or just a thing that comes naturally with no term at all just a series of new choices as a lifestyle.

This is what I've done and am glad to be back and would like to foster other travelers in a way that makes us workmates with people, working people...and ambassadors to represent what isn't being said for the day to day folks. There are so many agendas that even the...most worthy environmental groups aren't penetrating a huge swathe of just people. We can bridge that gap... Science and Surf under Sail, citizen science and sport. Working with people as we travel not as tourist or a authority.

Hi Jerrid,

first day on this platform, your thread was a surprise for me. Did you decide already? Otherwise: Take me! :-)

First turn I've made - and I really didn't know anything about sailing, even that I have a licence to run motorboats - was a spontanous turn from Tonga to NZ on a very  ... eeeh... adventurous boat. If I would have known some things in advance i probally wouldn't have crewed in.

But anyway: We had gales, we had calms, a broken hydrovane in gale, no VHF and an almost collision with a chinese trawler without position lights. But whatever we had: I liked the turn, I've loved the Pacific, as sailing the world is what I' d ever had in my heart. Now sadly I'm still sticked to land, traveled a lot, but there is no opportunity for a sailboat made for the ocean for me: believe me, I would work hard for it.

Could say a lot more about me, but for now, I would like to finish, wait and see, if your offer is still ongoing.

And if not: I wish you and your relatives all the best, also for the new year.

Best regards 


Hello Jerrid, I think your a crazy son of a gun, but I thought your post was ten-four, so eh!

Mate i'm from london england and i'm sick of my government and state bureaucracy, I have never done anything by the book unless it was essential, I'm a highschool/university dropout becuase I really dont like too many rules, even if university is a piece of cake. I wrote one paper, my first paper and didnt like the review so I went to all my classes for a year, participated thoroughly, built a good spoken relationship with lecturers and in class and read most of what was handed to me, i just didnt present any written work, although I had written some papers but were more like notes for myself.

The whole time at uni last year I just studied about survival of theblikes of les hiddens, major in the australian army. He has an awesome series on youtube called bushbtucker man. I day dreamed all the time i wasnt reading, playing football, or playing chess about going to New Zealand and living in the southern Alps on South Island, much like yogi does in the Sierra Navada- you can see him at the end of the documentary American Bobo for Vice on youtube, reslly cool dude, lives in the mountsins and calls the peaks his back yard.

Truth is is that i want to go to the southern Alps so I can collect, sieve, electro statically seperate, mill, heat, fix in electrolyte, turn to chlorinic gas, liquify, reheat, and expose to one week of electric fields- the black titanium sands on the west coast, which are not quite good enough for commercial grade production. I want to make thousands of carving knives, cooking knives, swords, more carving knives until i find the perfect shapes by feel and trial and error that would make for the perfect survivalists tool. I also what to shape mechanical parts, and even to build a new boat engine, all from titanium. I also want to build actuators and fans and jewellry.

If i want to stay i have a friend who make an award winning wine, old guy, i could ask for some pruning work on his vinyard. But i much better like the idea of travelling the rest of my life between australia, guinea, new caledonia and back to newzealand on a round. Maybe sell some wears in hongkong.

Ultimately I want my future to be as an outdoorsman.

I'm 29, never shied from a challenge, have speedboat 2 RYA, sea survival and a load of tainng in maps coordinates, markers, sea law, sonar, radio's and comms for commerce and shipping and s9me commercial experience totalling 9 months on 7 day week 13 hour expeditions with a 3 man team of Polish dudes and one british civillian army instructor.

I'm looking for a second chance at life, i'm mystic in mind and that doesnt help me to fit in to social regiemes. I want to build log cabins, build boats, build advanced flying engines using new themodynamic and refrigeration discoveries. I want to study the sea sky and air, the stars, metereology, geology, microscopic life and animal behavior.

This would be a great endeavour. I can do construction and refurbishments, know tools- though not expert worked for ten years in such work. Can do gardening. Dab hand in industrial kitchens in all tasks. I'm an experienced painter/decorator. Can fix beads and decks and frames and the like though still loads more to learn. Facinated by engines and how planes and rockets are put together, nuts and bolts, riveting. Visited industrial factories, take loads of pictures of old soviet planes, hydralics, electronic relays. Love rope physics, knots. I love changing environments and weather and a non static nature. Life on the edge.

My CV, detail not added, its more of a work record history, although i could give a full breakdown if you desire it.

Sincerely John Paul


Ultimately I want to do what reaction engines co. are doing and Norways suborbitals. They are small 2-5 men teams working on new submarine, suborbitals crewed systems, advanced rocketry and new refrigeration for propellant compression. Stuff so advanced it was banned by Britain for 20 years under the official secrets act in the case of reaction engines. It is a company headed by Alan Bond, who'S new SABRE engines have just been greenlighted by ESA for £60 million prototype for the Skylon airship. I reckon i could build engines twice to four times as advanced or more based on new physics

A small ship would be a perfect start as I could get infinate utility out of it for moving materials in a way road would be difficult. Just the idea alone has sparked up my interest in actually acquiring a boat, but I am stuck in he mud as i was robbed on christmas day. The money i was robbed of i was going to use it to start a new outlander life in New Zealand. Iam known to be super intrepid, my whole family thinks i'M crazy for travelling on a shoestring all the time. I am certainly no bear grylls, closer to a ray mears, and love les hiddens. I want to live for my vision and to have vision, as that is what society has lost, I dont care about material wealth, bank balances, and celebrity television. I only care about vision, I want to do a Fitgeraldo, do what no other man is prepared to do, go to the ends of the Earth. I would say discovery but thats an oxymoron. Would be ten-four to chat on phone mate.


Amazing.  How's it going Jerrid?  Where are you now and are you still looking for help?

Well, I think we have one permanent crewman now and we are willing to look at participants that may come and go.

Will you sail to Hawaii?  I'd love to join you for that voyage.

Jerrid Greenbaum said:

Well, I think we have one permanent crewman now and we are willing to look at participants that may come and go.

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