Boat Wanted - July-August from east Adriatic sea (Croatia) to Aegean sea (Greece/Turkey)

Hi im Efe, 23 years old Turkish guy, studying in Vienna/Austria. I currently live in Vienna and at the end this July i want to travel back to Turkey by a boat. 

Nearest ports to me right now are at the bottom of the Adriatic See like: Italy/Venezia between Italy/Trieste or coasts of the Croatia. I'm looking for a boat which is traveling from somewhere in this area to Aegean Coast of Turkey at the end of the June.

I have almost 13 years of sailing experince with all type of Dingis (Laser, Catamaran etc.) Also i have enough experience with bigger boats too. I'm easy going, open-minded, eager to explore and meet new people. And im working as Windsurfing instructor at Bodrum/Turkey, when we get there i'll glad to help who desires to learn windsurfing ;)

I offer my skills and handwork on board to any captain who is sailing that direction and wishes to take me on board. i speak english, german, and naturally turkish.

Please contact me if you are looking for help and going in my direction in July!!

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