Just completed the North-West passage - looking for a boat in the Caribbean

I just completed the North-West passage as a crew and now I would like to get some warmth in the Caribbean. Maybe joining a boat for a Regatta or just to sail around the islands. I am Swiss and 33 years old. I joined different boats in the past. I love sailing, diving and the adventure. Currently I am staying in Colombia. Please let me know what your plans are¡

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Hi Christina
Currently in st thomas. Looking for crew 10 Jan - 7Feb, 20 Feb -10 March and 25 MAR - Jun. Sailing VI, windward, Leeward isles, snorkeling, diving, goofin off, etc.
Shared expense, very laid back crew.

Hi i'm in the exumas bahamas and i'm looking for crew to sail from here to panama central america

i have a morgan out island 41

if you're interested please email me


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