Looking to crew on a boat, ideally to the South Pacific, but I am open to anything

I'm currently in Bonaire, working on my Divemaster Certificate and will be complete after the first week in April.   After that I'm free to crew on a boat just about anywhere.   I originally wanted to go from Bonaire to the South Pacific, but I'm starting to realize that I may be a little late for that.   So I could fly to Panama or wherever and crew with you there if you're interested.    

I got my YachtMaster Offshore certificate last year and in November did a boat delivery from Virginia to Aruba.    Learned a lot on this trip and looking to learn some more on your boat.  

As I said, I have a YM Offshore and about 5 years experience sailing.    I enjoy cooking as well and I've been told I do a pretty god job of it.  I enjoy playing the guitar and fishing and on the trip down to Aruba caught quite a few fish.   

Let me know if you have any questions.    In my previous life I was a computer consultant.    I have my STCW, Power Boat 2 Cert, and all of the training required to get my commercial endorsement with my STCW.    

In the past, on my crewing jobs, I've covered the cost of my own expenses.  I'd be amenable for another crewing position like this as I get more experience. 

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