Looking for crew to help launch a themed charter sailing business: http://www.craftbeercuisine.com/ .  Hope to have guests by November.  The concept is to be the marketing arm for an existing charter boat and then help operate the craft beer themed charter.



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Hi Dave,

I'm an experienced skipper/instructor with 30,000nm offshore, a passion for adventure, and a nose for good beer. This sounds like a really excellent project. Just sent you a personal message, but it limited me to 200 characters. Can you shoot me an email to talk some more about what you're looking for in a crew member. I'd love to learn more about what you're envisioning. 


Vincent Mattiola


+1 484 550 8122

Dorado Adventures

S/V Azzurra

Homebrewer, navy vet, sailor, boat owner looking for a chance to crew on a project like this....fly me in tomorrow!

Good afternoon Dave,

I am Alessandro 34. I have recently got sailing commercial Spanish certificate, and I am close to get a Rya Day Skipper certificate.

I have been mostly sailing with friend or on my own, but never done it commercially.
Since my dream is to start  my own charter business in south Italy (where I come from) I am looking for a way to get miles and experience. I could do it in Europe but I believe doing it in a different continent can enreach my experience.

I am a serious person and I am looking for a serious opportunity to reach my goal.

I am a very practical person that can help in almost all maintenance related issue.
I can fluently speak italian, spanish, english and portugues.
You project seems different and interesting if there is a way I could help you on this please let me know, we can talk about it.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

Hi Dave,

This opportunity seems like an excellent fit for me.  I have reviewed your website and like the plan.  My history in sailing is extensive.  I am an excellent navigator as well.  In my professional life I have been a co-owner of an event planning business.  I then went in to teaching.  I have also achieved a masters in database administration.  My friends and I started brewing beer back in the late '80's/early '90's.  I have not done so for years since there are so many spectacular micro brews on the market.

I would love to speak with you about possibilities with your venture.  Feel free to contact me via email at honor628@y********.


Shannon H Dinan

Hello David,
Im an experienced 56 years old fit sailor from Turkey and presently in east Med.Season is almost over here and I m ready for new adventure specially something with beer would be fantastic.


May I help some how? My cv is attached, I am doing stcw next mounth and in progres with visa.

Got time and passion :)



Come to Brazil!

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