Outremer 5x circumnavigation around the world needs Female Captain / Skipper w/ videography experience (preferred)

This is a LONG TERM position for the right candidate (approx 3-7 years including paid time off)

I am about to purchase a yacht (Outremer 5X) http://www.catamaran-outremer.com/modeles/outremer-5x?language=en

and I am looking for a FEMALE CAPTAIN/SKIPPER (aged 27-35) with a passion for sailing, to accompany me as I take this yacht across the world. This is a great opportunity for the right individual who will be working for a producer/director based in LA/NY. 

Looking for the following


- be able to maintain the boat throughout the entire year
- follow the boat across the world and maintain it appropriately
- arrange/handle documents/provisioning/maintenance/cleaning and guide the owner of the yacht while sailing across nations. 
- must be willing to commit long term and be extremely flexible with travelling back/forth (flight expenses will be handled by the owner)


- similar duties above
- has experience creating videos/documentaries
- looking for someone who can help produce/maintain youtube channel to document the entire journey
- want to do something similar to youtube channels: Sailing La Vagabonde, Sailing SV Delos

We are looking for someone who is passionate about sailing and making videos and story telling.

More details to follow for the right candidates. Please do not reply unless you fit the criteria and have a picture & CV.

Salary 50k/year Captain, 35k/year Skipper

Serious inquiries only

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   Hi Jonathan..

  My Name is Aytek,  I got both  sailing experience and Video production experience. I can give you more information in a private message if you add me as a friend here to send you private message or if you give me your email address. I currently live in Tampa Florida.

Thanks for your reply to the ad Aytekin.

Please send me an email at personalassistant@bakerentgroup.com with a copy of your CV, brief intro & video examples if possible.

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