Newsletter January 2017

Dear all,

As we enter 2017 sailing the farm wants to wish all our friends a
sincerely happy new year.

2016 was a big change for our project- it was the year of sailing, not
just boatbuilding and farming.

Sofar we have sailed more than 2000 nautical miles from Oslo to the
Canary Islands.

 been more than 30 pepole onboard in 2016. Hailed from all over the
world. It has been a joy to sail with all of you and we hope to see
some of you salty crew back for more fun and seasickness in 2017 :-)

We are slowly starting to know this metal lady and she seems more
happy in stronger winds. Her fastest speed is 8.7 knots.  She hates
headwind and doesent like tacking very much. (as matter of fact she
tacks like a pregnant whale on a bad day) floats like a duck in big
waves and feel extremely safe in rough weather.

For 2017 we hope to continue explore our fantastic planet, share and
learn new skills and also get scuba diving and compressor onboad to
explore our underwater world.

Our next big leg will be from Canary to South America or West Indies
then onwards into pacific. If you want to join please send us an
email. We always look for nice people staying long term onboard to run
the project forward.

And again, we wish you all fair winds and happy 2017.

love from
Sailing the Farm
A seagypsy tribe of tomorrow
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I am really excited about your project. I would really like to join you from the Canary Islands to South America... or maybe stay on till the Pacific if it all works out!

I am so impressed that you are growing your own food on the sea. Wow wow wow! I have some experience with growing after spending 2 months working on an organic permaculture farm in the Himalayas, and helping my grandfather out in his veggie patch during summer holidays!

I feel drawn to pursuing an adventure on the water. I have some family who sail and I have always been curious to explore the world in their way. Yesterday I came across floatplan and I hadn't found anything that was 100% what I was looking for. But you guys.... WOW. You should have seen the way I ran in to jump up and down to tell my boyfriend about your post and boat.

What do you need from a crew member? I am strong, funny, playful, and adaptable. I love cooking, I don't mind cleaning, I really enjoy growing plants and I can be pretty handy when I need to be! I am a fast learner, and I would really like to learn a bit about navigation, how to tie fancy knots, and how to sail!

I am really looking forward to hearing from you. I think we could work really well together.

All the best,


Anna,. Please send us your email

Hey guys,

when we were looking for a boat in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, we were lucky enough to have a glimpse onboard your beauty of steel. It was back in December so the crew members weren't sure, if you needed more people to cross the Atlantic. Well, it seems like you do! And we are still here!

Joshi and me have been sailing from the Spanish coast to Tenerife and in between the Canary Islands. We would love to cross the Atlantic on a meaningful boat like yours. It sounds like a journey itself, just being part of the crew. We'd love to contribute with cooking, growing food, cleaning, repairing, music, an image film about sailing the farm, whatever is needed...

Also, in case you only have one place left, give us a shout and we will fight for it, haha!

Here you can get an impression about us: Joshi's FB-page and my (Albi's) blog.

Please send us an email if you think we could meet up to know each others :)


Hello sailing Farmer Friends,

greeaaaat things you are doing. Im super interested in joining your Crew to sail the Seas. As my Sister is a Perma Culture Teacher I got in touch with farming and ecological sustainable living. My sailing experiences are limited to Catamarans and small sailing boats but Im an enthusiastic and fast learner. With me I got a guitar and a pocket full of smiles. Im on my way to the Canary Islands and it would be lovely to meet you.

Lets go sailing!

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Hey guys,

are you still looking for a crew member? Hopefully yes! I'm looking for a boat sailing to South America. I'm total beginner, but crossing the Atlantic is one of my big dreams I like to fulfill this year. I'm highly motivated and open for any task you have for me. In fact, I'm ambitious to learn whatever you can teach me. I'm a social player, yoga enthusiast and a ocean lover who has also some experience in farming. 

I would love to hear from you!

With a smile,



I am potentially interested. I have an RYA Offshore Yachtmaster Certificate. I just finished a boat delivery from Virginia to Aruba. I like to cook and play the guitar in addition to sail. Let me know more of the details.

Hey guys, are you in the Carribean already? I'm in Mexico, looking for sailing opportunities in Central America and the Carribean. Would be nice to stay in touch: flo (!aett!) vitaltimes (!dot!) org

Cheers, Flo


How are you ?

I'm writting you because I was supposed to go for a transat with a skiper but he has just cancelled his travel yesterday because he had an accident with another boat when he went out of the port. He is fine but there is no more travel.
I'm therefore looking actively for a new skipers looking for a crew !

Let me introcude myself as well

My name is Arthur Lacharme, I'm from France and just finished my business studies. As I'm done with my master, I have decided to realize a very old dream, hitchhiking the world for 3 years.
As I love sailing, I have decided that I would not take plane and just cross oceans by boat.

I have some experiences in sailing. 2 months ago I went with a friend on his sailship, 4 days in Britanny. He taught me the very basic of sailing. Because I aslo planned to go on this transat I have spend 2 months learning vocabulary, tactics and everything useful about sailing.
Surfing for many years, I swim very well and I don't suffer from seasick at all.
I only have a backpack where all my staff is. I have a guitar and can teach you lessons when we'll have time.
I grew up in a large family and travelled in many places for my study/jobs. Therefore, I'm sociable, open minded and I am used to follow rules.
Finnaly, I speak french, english and am currently learning spanish.

On the boat, I'll help you with all the daily routine, the cleaning, cooking and night sailing. I learn fast and I'm willing to help you as much as I can.
I'll share with you any expenses for the way.

If you want to know me better, here is my blog about my worldtrip :

Feel free to contact me for anything and do not hesitate to introduce yourself and explain what kind of crew you are looking for.


Arthur Lacharme

We are now in Brazil after a fantastic crossing from cape Verde. Now we are back prepping the boat for next leg. Please send your email if you want to join us.

Hi thanks for your reply ! I'm glad you had a great transat ! I'm in Las Palma so I will not be able to join you for your return. I wish you good luck to find someone.

Cheers !

Hi there! I've sent you a friend request in the hopes of getting in touch with you for your upcoming leg. 
My name is Daniel and I'm an upcoming traveller from Denmark. I turned 22 this march and I've now also started my second gab year since finishing High School.. For the past year or two I’ve been planning a worldwide adventure starting out in August 2017 by hitchhiking to Amsterdam as a start, and then I’ll continue by foot. Yes, I’m one of those idiots who wants to “find myself” by walking 2200 km from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Santiago De Compostella, Spain. Well… I’ll take the “idiot” part back, but yeah, that’s what i’m planning to do. After I’ve finished trekking down the nature of Europe, I hope to be one of the few lucky once appreciated on a boat crossing the Atlantic ocean. 
But why would you ever pick another cliché hitchhiking, trekking hippie looking scandinavian guy? 
Well, I don’t have any good reasons to pick that, so instead you should pick me. I don’t know if I’m a cliché guitar playing young traveller, but that is not the important part here. Trying to be different has nowadays become quite mainstream. But the only stream I’m following is the stream of my thoughts drifting towards all of the unknown and unexplored in my reality. That’s why I’m looking for YOU and YOURE boat ;) 
But wait, do you have any experience? 
Nah, but that is not only what you are looking for. With me you’ll get a non experienced crew member with a lot of experience in doing completely new and “out of the comfort zone” kind of stuff. That’s one of my specialities. I never ask myself or anybody else the question “why?” because I always extend it to asking “why not?”. And seriously, why not? 
I have tons of good tails, a compact energy followed by my intense drive and passion for adventure. I would love to get in touch with YOU out there who might or might not need me. But I dare you to reach out and send me a mail or text here on facebook, so that you eventually can find out if I’m the right match to share your dreams with. Well… Why not? 
I look forward to get in touch with whoever out there actually made the struggle through my entire message here on this site. Thanks a lot!! 
Best regards, your possibly future crew member 
facebook: Daniel Aneto Olesen
mail: daniel.a.olesen@g********

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