Sailing the farm has been working on our boat since 2009, and we are happy to announce that we are close to finish. 

Will go south this year, if you are interested to join please contact us: 


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Love it, I liked your page on FB. I hope to help sail the farm someday. 


I was able to read you post on Facebook but I was unable to reply as I do not have an active Facebook account. I am an experienced sailor who loves the sea and who has just fell in love with the idea of growing my own food. I know very little about permaculture outside of a theory knowledge. Currently, I am living in Texas, but I am not tied down to any location. I have received by ASA 101 certification and I am planning on taking my ASA 103 AND 104 in the next week or so (depending on external circumstances). I would love to speak with someone more about this opportunity, including where you are located. So, if you would like to discuss this opportunity more, please contact me on here and we can exchange emails or phone numbers.

Best Regards, 

Jared Couch

"A moment today, a memory forever."

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If you have used Float Plan to find a boat or a crew member, or had a good experience using the website, being part of the community or you just love what we are trying to do (make sailing accessible to everyone), I would really appreciate a quick note that I could use as a testimonial on the new website. Thank you, Andrew

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