Hi, I think as a film maker this story may be of interest. I called it "Science and Surf under Sail" as a fathers hope to share a passion and a life long interest, activity in the Oceans. I have two teenage boys and an ex-wife and friend (from New Zealand)...the idea is to complete our relationship, it's how we met and traveled from New Zealand (25 years later how we'll return) and to give our boys a life experience...but, with the purpose of education and sport. Now, the story that happens in life is so often not the original concept. Have a look at our facebook page of the same name. If you are interested then we can discuss it further. We have work to do on the boat and I could use a hand on that. I don't see us cutting lose until May 2015 for the Marquesas. Oh, A friend had some idea about doing a docu-story on what we're doing with a possible crowdfunding element to it??? His name is Lawrence Scott and he's posted a couple of videos "Navigating Paradise" (http://vimeo.com/69126334).

Regards, Jerrid

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Hi Jerrid
I'm looking a boat to cross the ocenans. Your plan sounds great! What's your rute? How many time?


This is a longer term effort. Right now I am in the shipyard and also working against those costs. It is great to know that I or we can pick up work and earn as we go. But, on the down side while I am working for others the work on my ship isn't getting done. So, I am looking for crew that will share in the whole adventure, work on our boat or help me work on other peoples boats since I am good at bringing work in. We save and then we travel, stop...work, save and then travel..oh, and surf and dive and study and dance and feast. This may involve 2 other people that will base themselves from the "Salvation" but, go and do other things or crew for others and come back to "Salvo". I think that could be good, dynamic.

your video is not available anymore

Hello Jerrid! I am Daniel, from Brazil, and I am really interested on this experience!

I am a young filmmaker (25 years old) living in Lisbon, Portugal now, and I really want to get on a sailing adventure.

I am very helpful and multiactive, although i don't have any sailing experience yet. I would be happy to help you on that journey.



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