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Since 2013 I have been running my own Volunteer Solar Project, we install LED lights, batteries, solar panels in small villages.

The solar project is just part of the cruise. In between there is time to visit coral atolls, snorkel, dive and catch some fish or cray fish. In the villages we can trade for chicken or pork, when they have a feast.

LEAVING August 10, 2015 or when the weather is right. This year I have 2 other boats helping me.

search my yacht on Google and check out my Youtube channel.

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Hi there I was just wanting to enquire about this voyage. Departure, time, place, cost? I am very interested in jumping on board. 



Hi, my name is Wolfie and I am a locum doctor nomading around Australia and enjoying all sorts of adventures. Your trip sounds like my kind of thing. I am keen to sail with you. I am into Freediving, surfing and would like to learn spear fishing. I am also interested to live on a boat myself. I guess it s the cheapest way to have house with ocean views Let s have a chat. My email is oxygenforlife@g********

sorry left this morning

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