Looking for 2 crews for a 60 days voyage from Greece to the Philippines on board a 30 meters steel hull motorsailer. Deckhand, watch, general duties.

Capt Oliver

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I would love to join. (I live in Israel and Greece is very close to me)
When are you planning to leave?

To avoid misunderstandings I have no experience on boats but I a quick learner

Thanks Moshe

Planning to leave on or about May 15

Please contact me lets see if we can work it out,James   What part of Greeece are you leaving from?


here is my e mail, J.mac11@hushmail.com

Hi Oliver
My sister is getting married two weeks after you leave Greece.
so unfortunately I can not join you. I hope you will have a successful journey.


Thank you Moshe, congratulations for your sister. 

Hi are you still looking for crew for this voyage? Is it a paying or volunteer position. I'm a 21 year old licensed Captain with 22,000 NM offshore experience. southernocean@juno.com.



It is a volunteer position, all expenses paid.


what kind of trip is this. transfer or cruise? We will be in Corfu in the coming days.

Thanks Giancarlo

Transfer, moving my boat from Greece to the Philippines

Hi from Spain I`m also interested in joining you if you still are in need of help.

Could you please give me the details of the trip and what positions you are looking to fill.

Kind regards


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