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Position wanted: requested or offered?

Started by Giancarlo SEGATEL. Last reply by Float Plan Mar 5, 2014. 1 Reply

how do you suggest to keep separated the crew position requested form the offered ones? Continue

Tags: position, crew, requested, offered, wanted

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Comment by Float Plan on March 19, 2014 at 1:16

Matt, we really like the idea of leaving notices in places, that would be just like the real deal and give the site a really good feeling. We are adding that one to the list. Thank you, we rally appreciate it. 

We are working on a way to educate our crew members when is a good time to sail from A to B. as this is the question we get most and adding routes to the map would be a great way to do this. For now we will be sending out a "now is the time to sail from X to X". We hope this will allow people to plan their trips and increase the chances of finding a boat.

Does anyone think this is an issue or not?

Thanks again.


Comment by Matthew Peace on March 15, 2014 at 7:01

Sorry didn't see the other comment directed at me,

I don't use a virtual port noticeboard, but that is effectively what you are creating.  I said that because I got a vision of a map, with something like blue lines for boats available, criss-crossing the oceans, red for crewmembers who have gaps in their routes (or something) and a time indexing scroll-bar at the bottom that would fastforward and reverse time to display future plans etc.  Different colours for different skills required or something and I could click on a port and up would pop a virtual noticeboard on which I could post a ad for a specified time and also see ads for crew wanted, all search-able my time and skills required/needed.  I didn't want to just tell you to do that, because I felt it was out of place, and I understand there are limitations - especially as it would simply be displaying information already available in text form - it was just a thought.

What you're already doing is great!  I was just canvassing the idea to bouey-up the think-tank, I'll try to float a few more past you next time I get a brain-wave



Comment by Matthew Peace on March 15, 2014 at 6:45

Hey Andrew,
Yes more or less.  Most people list where they plan to go, AND stopover.  The ability to search these descriptions, not just from where they're leaving and their final destinations would be immensely useful.  This is why the idea of the ability to map out a boats destinations would be great to.  It means potential crew like me, could search for particular places a boat might be stopping by, and also view a map and see which boats are going to be near certain places at certain times.  Then I could message them directly, maybe leave a message on a virtual noticeboard at a particular place and time on the map etc.  

You now it's great you guys are asking questions and listening - I've never felt so included on a social networking site, thanks so much for taking the time



Comment by Float Plan on March 15, 2014 at 0:59


Do you think the questions below would help collect the keyword you wish to search with?

I wish to leave from:
I wish to go to:

The member would be able to list the countries for both questions and the questions would show up in the search filter used to refine the search of wanted items.

What other keywords would you like to be able to search from?

Thank you!

Comment by Float Plan on March 14, 2014 at 23:57


Great idea, we will add the "on hold" function to the interactive map (later version of the website)

With the new layout each new Notice Board item (this is the new name of the page where crew/boat Wanted posts) has three tabs you can see them in the image below.

Details: the info collected by the new form when posting a new item
References: This will show the references of the owner of the wanted post given to him/her by other members
Photos: photos of the trip added by the owner of the post or other members that were part of the trip
Updates: The owner of the post will be able to add updates to the wanted post, keeping everyone informed easily.

Another option for the new website is to drop us a line and we will go in and deactivate the post until you want in to be visible again.

You can also see some of the tags that have been added to this item.

Please tell us what you think?


With the new layout each new Notice Board item (this is the new name of the page where crew/boat Wanted posts) has three tabs

Comment by Graham Marriott on March 14, 2014 at 21:29

Hi there. Would it be possible to put an 'ON HOLD' facility, on the discussions format, especially useful when recruiting crew..... My reasoning behind this......When my discussion was current, one minute it was quiet but then I was swamped with many contacts all at once. Whilst waiting for responses I found I had to put other people off so not to lead them on, possibly losing a good potential crew member.... An simple 'on hold' facility, would enable people to deal with inquiries in manageable batches. I am not the fastest on a keyboard and I work full time, so far I have traded sixty plus emails or more on crew recruiting using up much valuable preparation time elsewhere. So any aid to prevent the loss of potential crew would i'm sure be invaluable for all......Keep up the good work. Regards, Graham.

Comment by Float Plan on March 14, 2014 at 20:45

Thank you for the comments they are great.

We have a Logbook feature that we are going to add to the new website after we have the relaunch out of the way. The Logbook feature will be just like your own RYA logbook, with all the same data, for U.S. and U.K. sailing associations. We hope this will be used as an online sailing resume and give people more information to make more connections. Please tell us what you think, any thing you would add to the feature?

At the moment the options for date available from are month and year, adding an X amount of time could be a good addition.


Is virtual port noticeboard something you already use? And great work with the oarsome, keep them coming. 

Thanks again

Comment by Giancarlo SEGATEL on March 14, 2014 at 9:02

great!  for shake of perfection :-) , let me suggest to add for both boat/crew wanted list, :

- "available from..... till (if blank, it means 'availability for X time onward')" ;

- last 5 years/key sailing/trip experience .

good job, master!

Comment by Matthew Peace on March 14, 2014 at 5:37

Sounds great!

Go the virtual port noticeboard.  Anyway to display the same info in ways more accessible to different users is great. 

keep up the oarsome work

(I'm not even sorry)

Comment by Float Plan on March 13, 2014 at 18:02


For sure this is the right place. We started work on an interactive map, but we were unsure about the correct information to display. The new website will give us this feedback and we can build from there. We really like the idea of color coding.

Here are the titles of the search tool we have added, there will also be a keyword search. These search terms use the information collected when posting a new wanted item post, so it works well:

New Boat Wanted Item:
Available from (month)
Available from (year)
Type of position wanted:
Ideal Trip length:
Willing to travel to meet boat:
Willing to contribute towards costs?
Willing to pay own travel expenses to/from boat:
Dietary needs:

New Crew Wanted Item:
Will take crew for:
Type of position:
Qualifications needed:
$ Contribution required:
Travel expenses included:
Smoking on board:
Diet on board:

Please let us know what you think


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