Wow, how things have progressed. My apologies for not posting more regularly. While working on our own "Salvo" I landed a position on a much more modern, high tech power vessel, an Azimut 55S. So, now we have a foot in two worlds, wooden sailboat traditional and modern power, high tech. We now work for a private client and that been very busy with an engaging variety of details from galley to engine room. I have found a permanent crewman for "Salvation" but, here again now we are both caught up with our clients charge. It is all good...but, it bumps up out to sometime in April '16 to shoot through. We are still welcoming participants for helping in the shipyard and/or having time in the Sea of Cortez or for various legs of the Journey...We are "Science & Surf Under Sail" on Facebook....Many Thanks

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